Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started:

1. Go to and enter your delivery address on the home page.

2. Browse local stores, select your favorite items and add to cart.

4. Next, select Check Out. You can create an account or continue as guest. (Create an account for our rewards program).

5. On the Checkout Page, confirm date/time of requested delivery and enter payment information.

6. Once all information is verified, select PLACE ORDER.

What Happens Next?

7.  Okie Dispatch receives your order and contacts an available driver. (Orders are first sent to Active Online Drivers when available. If no driver is online, Dispatch sends out alerts to possible available drivers in the area and updates you, the customer, that the search is on!) 

8. Next, your confirmed driver, accepts and places the order using best time managment to ensure the order is fresh. If items are unavailable, or if there are extended wait times, we advise drivers to update customer and Dispatch, as needed, on order progress. 

9. Upon arrival at the restaurant, your driver checks off the order items in the app to confirm accuracy, and pays for the order with a company card. Orders are placed in an insulated container to keep hot/cold when applicable.

10. Delivery is then on it's way to you! 

How much is a delivery?

Our rates typically start at $8. This all goes to your driver to pick up and deliver within 5 miles. If delivery is beyond 5 miles, fees are calculated on mileage (approximately $1 per mile). We offer a 25 mile delivery range. We also charge a flat service fee of $5, which covers the convenience of the site, technical support, and customer service. For an estimate it's best to enter your address on our homepage

**Additional pickup stops/drop offs charge an additional fee. **

**Large Orders (servings over 5) may have an additional handling fee.**

**Your subtotal at checkout is an estimated total from the restaurant menu. We charge a temporary overage of 15% to account for any menu price increases or additional requests from the customer. In the end, we match the restaurant charges to your Okie Delivery ticket.**

What places can I order from?

ANYWHERE within 25 miles of your delivery address. While we have restaurants and other businesses listed, we are continuing to add menus. If you do not see something listed online, contact us at 405-318-0277 or on Facebook and we will be glad to get you a delivery quote. 

How do I pay?

We have 2 option on the website as CREDIT/DEBIT or Gift Certificates purchased from

How do I tip my driver? Do I tip the restaurant?

You have the option to add a tip for your driver on the checkout screen by credit or cash upon delivery.
If you would like to leave a tip for the restaurant, please let us know in the Special Instructions and we will be sure to pass along any tips you'd like to add for the people making your food. 

Can I order something for someone else?

Of course! You have 2 options, both listed above and here:

  • Option 1: You may order online & input THEIR address & proceed to checkout. 

  • Option 2: If your place of choice is not listed, please contact us so we may serve you!

**DISCLAIMER: To ensure safety for our customers as a third party delivery service, we do not tamper/open packages to check for accuracy. If your order is incorrect, please contact us first in which we will attempt resolution with the restaurant. It is your responsibility to confirm the online order information is correct prior to checkout.

My address isn't in the online delivery area...

Not a problem! We have tried to cover a vast area (25 mile range), however new addresses and/or newer built homes or cabins can confuse the system.
We will still deliver to you! Give us a shout so we can work together to get you delivered.
Our best contact is 405-318-0277 or on Facebook messsenger.

Cancellation Policy

We know mistakes can happen! If you need to cancel your order, please do so as soon as possible by contacting us at 405-318-0277. If the order has been placed to the restaurant only, there is a $5 cancellation fee. If the order is placed (in progress) and the driver has been dispatched, there are no refunds for the order or the delivery fees. We will do our best to work diligently with you on a case by case basis.